Calling what is

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                as it should be!

God, who calls things that be not as though they were,   (Rom.4:17)
… has a wonderful plan for our lives,
… and will bring His perfect will into our lives, if we let Him.

Reality though is that we so often negate what God has planned,
… by doing the exact opposite,
… by focusing on the negative, instead of focusing on God!

      Are you calling things the way you see them,
      … the way that circumstances look like right now,
      or are you calling them the way God sees them?

It is NOT calling things that are – as though they are NOT!
Not at all!
But it is about calling things – the way that they should be!
… the way God says they should be!

      It is not about denying what there is,
      … but it is about calling it what it should be!

In other words,
it is about calling things or circumstances,
the way God says that they should be,
and it is about calling those things or circumstances,
… as though they already are what God says they are!

      Don’t call what is… as though it is!
      Call what it should be… as though it already is!