In Him we live

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                               … that special place, in Grace!!

      for in Him we live and move and have our being,
      Acts 17:28

This tells us that where Christ is, is where we live,
… where we spend (or should spend) our days!
… in Him and in His presence!
It is kind of like being a page in a book,
… where the book goes, the pages go!

      In other words, where Jesus goes, we go,
      … what He does we do with Him,
      … and whatever He experiences, we experience.
      A life filled with the potential of God almighty!

There is however an additional benefit of being in Christ,
… living and experiencing what He does!

      When we are truly in Him,
      … we are not directly exposed to what is happening around us,
      and therefore when there is an attack,
      … we are not in the front line,
      for although we are at the front line,
      … we are protected by the One we are in!

Like a page in a book that falls to the ground,
… the book is exposed to the impact,
… but we the pages, are inside, protected and unharmed.

Praise God that we can be in Him!