Looking for a challenge…

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At the beginning of a new year,
… we tend to look back over the past year.
We remember what was accomplished,
… and the challenges that had to be overcome.

    Sure, it would be great if it was all positive,
    … full of accomplishments and void of any challenges!

    However the reality is that,
    without challenges there are no accomplishments,
    … without accomplishments there is no fruit,
    … and without fruit, there is no future!

Life is not about the accomplishments of tomorrow,
life is about the challenges of today!

And the reality of life is that,
If you will take care of today and its challenges,
with God,
He will take care of your tomorrow and its fruit,
for you!

    I am excited about,
    … and look forward to this New Year,
    a New Year full of challenges,
    … that’s life at its best,
    and to have more fruit in my life,
    … that is life in abundance!