Ask in faith

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                                      … without doubting!

When we talk about faith,
… we normally mean that we believe God,
… and that we are believing God for something!
Yet, the apostle James in talking about life and how faith develops,
… tells us that our faith will be tested,
and gives us this instruction,

      If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God,
      who gives to all liberally and without reproach,
      and it will be given to him.
      James 1:5

Then continues by saying,
      But let him ask in faith, with no doubting,
      James 1:6

Why does James first tell us that our faith will be tested,
… then tells us that if we lack wisdom,
we should ask God without doubting …
How does this all influence our faith and receiving from God?

James in talking about how to build and live by faith,
… is telling us that wisdom is the key,
that God is ready to liberally share His wisdom with us,
… and all we need is to ask without doubting!
Without doubting what?
… that He will give us an answer to our request!

James was saying,
      if you want your faith to grow,
      God and His wisdom are all that is important,

      … not your need, your knowledge or your actions!

In other words …
Ask God for wisdom, for what to do (in everything)!
We need His wisdom to know His will, for and in our lives!
We need to ask for that wisdom in faith,
… without doubting that God will give us the wisdom we asked for!

      Faith is not just about God’s promises and our needs,
      … and faith is not just about God meeting our needs,
      But …
      Faith is about a relationship with God (in whom we trust),
      A relationship in which God Himself is real in our lives,
      … and not just His promises to us!
      A relationship in which we expect God Himself to answer,
      … in which we expect to hear God Himself for our lives!

Therefore James was saying to us,
You are not going to hear God, even if He shouts at you,
unless you ask without doubting that you will hear the answer,
which simply means,
you have to EXPECT that He will actually answer you!

      Call to Me, and I will answer you,
      and show you great and mighty things,

      which you do not know.