Share a selfie (No Secrets)

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Technology today is making most anything possible,
… and seemingly unlimited both in our private and work environment,
bringing with it increased personal, communication and travel freedom.

However, whilst all this technology brings huge benefits,
smart phones, social networks and worldwide communications,
… have also enabled an increase of intrusions into our lives,
on most every level in our personal and private spheres.
Our online activities, emails, phone calls and maybe soon our thoughts …

Truth is that though most inventions are created for our benefit,
… they are as often developed and used for negative purposes!

How should we respond to this probable intrusion into our privacy?
Should we be concerned or is there possibly a positive aspect to this?

    In considering the positive and negative forces in life,
    … there is one thing that is sure, and that is,
    … that the positive outweighs the negative!
    However, there is one major difference,
    … to achieve the positive requires effort, and real input!
So what  positive aspect or application can there possibly be,
… to being able to enter another’s private sphere?
Well of course only if this ‘intrusion’
… brings with it positive solutions and direction!

Is there such a possibility?
Sure is …

    God does not need technology or cunning applications,
    … to read our mails, phone calls or even our thoughts!
    And, God wants to be part of our lives,
    … of our decision making
    … so that He can be part of our success.

But only as we open ourselves to Him,
… can He give us the right answer and direction.
For that reason the Bible encourages us saying …

    casting down arguments and every high thing
    that exalts itself against the knowledge of God,
    bringing every thought into captivity to the obedience of Christ,
    — 2Cor. 10:5  

The incentive however must come from our side,
… before the answer and provision come from His side!
You see, God can know all about us,
… but He will not do that unless we allow Him,
… unless we invite Him into our every thought.
Then He will respond to those thoughts,
… and give us the direction we need!

The reality is that God does not want to know about us,
… but He wants to know us personally,
… so He can bless us personally.

How do you do that?
Well here is where social network application are of immense value!
… selfies, sharing, likes and comments.

Simply …
    Make a Selfieof your heart, your thoughts!
    Share it  … with God, make Him your confidant!
    Let Him commentand show you the way to success!