Trusting God …

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My name is David Waluse from Webuye, where my family lives. I am a District Educational Officer, but as the Education Department does not normally place district officers in their home districts, I have been stationed in Mombasa for many years now.

Away from my family for many years, I decided to go home and the only option was to resign, which I did, telling my boss I needed to be closer to my family. When I told my wife (a graduate of the Covenant Disciples Bible Training) she immediately said she was going to pray about this. After a few days she called and told me I need to tell my boss that I don’t want to resign and would go anywhere he send me. She said we needed to trust God and God will honor our faith. Although I was not a believer at the time, I agreed to do that.

My boss agreed to cancel my resignation but informed me that he was transferring me to North East Kenya on the Somali border. That is probably the worst area to be sent, but as I had agreed, I went. Well even before I reached the North East district, my boss phoned me and told me that he wanted to test my trustworthiness and as I had kept my word, I should turn around and come back to the offices. Back at the office my boss told me that he was in fact transferring me to my home district, to Webuye.

Praise God. I have since made Jesus Lord in my life and been baptized.