Crowned with glory

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What makes man – the man he is?

God created Lucifer to reflect His glory,
… so that every time Lucifer came into God’s presence,
Lucifer reflected God’s glory.
Then one day Lucifer decided he wanted to have God’s glory,
… and we know the rest,
God threw him out of heaven!

      But when God made man,
      God did not make man out of anything special,
      … but He made man out of something rather common,

      And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground,
      Gen 2:7

      YET, what God put into man was special,
      God put His spirit in man, His life,
      … so that man could live out what God put inside.
      So that man would express God’s glory,
      … and not only reflect it!

      You (God) have crowned him (man) with glory and honor.
      Ps 8:5

That was not just unique, great, fantastic or unheard of,
… but a slap in Lucifer’s face.

There is however a condition to this,
… the condition that proves its reality.

      MAN, you have to choose,
      … to be what God created you to be!
      You have to live that image He created you in,
      … His image in you!