God’s image of us …

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In the 1st. chapter of Genesis we read that,
… God created us in His image and likeness.
An awesome reality with limitless potential.

But what are we doing with …
      God’s image and likeness in us,
      … with His character, ability and authority,
      … that is in us and is available to us?

For …
Unless we live that image that God put IN us,
… that character and likeness that He is,
we will never be what He created us to be!

And …
Unless we live the image that God has OF us,
… His plan, purpose and picture of us,
we will never be that image God put in us!

      God’s image of us is that of a conqueror,
      overcoming and prosperous in every area of our lives,

      An image that,
      Is not about what God is doing,
      … but is about what God has done!
      Is not about what we have done,
      … but is about what we are doing

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