His presence …

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Our encounters with God are generally in prayer,
… when we enter into His presence,

… when we express our thoughts, our needs and wants,
and where we are the object or center of that time with Him.

     Of course God hears us and responds to our prayers,
     … and of course God will do all He promised for us,
     yet the reality is that when we have us on our minds,
     we are limiting God to our thoughts and our understanding.

However, when we approach God, not in prayer, but with praise,
… when we are focused on His person and on His goodness,
… when we exalt Him as the most High God,
is when He comes into our presence as God almighty,
Who loves us and Who knows us and our needs better than we do.

     When we praise God for who He is,
     it brings God into our presence,

     … where He can be our Abba Father,
     and where He can do for us what is on His heart!

Always approach God with reverence and respect,
talk to Him about Him, from your heart.
You don’t need to tell Him your troubles, He knows it all,
… but His presence is what will change your every situation.

     For God to truly be God in your life, treat Him as GOD,
     … talk to Him about the things that will change your life,
     … talk to Him about His goodness and His greatness,
     … talk to Him about His love and His faithfulness,
     and all that you exalt Him for will manifest in your life,
     because His presence will have manifest in your life!