It matter to God

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God not only made everything we can see,
… the visible and the invisible,
in its finest and most intricate detail,
… (as Jesus said, even the hair on our head is counted),
but God is as passionate about the life and wellbeing,
… of what He created, and in particular – you.

God takes interest in all of creation, and that includes you!
… and therefore He’s interested in everything that interests you.

      However there is a very real condition to that,
      which is your responsibility …
      you must allow Him to be part of your life and your concerns.

What does that mean in my life?

      If God and what He does matters to you,
      … and you open yourself up to Him,
      and if you are willing to receive and obey His instructions,
      … so He can take care of you,
      then what matters to you becomes His concern.

… if it matters to you,
… it matters to God.