A Powerless Vessel?

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Why did God give the being He created,
… a position of authority and dominion on earth,
yet, without any real power,
… to rule and reign?

      God put His treasure in earthen vessels, us,
      … yet in ourselves we have no power,
      for God Himself is our power.

Why did God do that?

God created us uniquely, just like Him,
… and put us in a unique position, like Him,
but to qualify for that position,
we need to act like Him!

      God never uses His power or position to control,
      … or to impose His will on others,
      but He uses His position to bless!

      In the same way,
      for man to fill that unique position God created him for,
      … man needs to accept the conditions of that position,
      using his position for the benefit of the rest of creation!

Man therefore has to learn to deal with the responsibility of his position,
… so that his position can become a source of power in creation!
Then God will back up man’s authority with His power,
… and man will be able to fulfil God’s plan!

      Responsibility fosters self control,
      Self control fosters patience

      But let patience have its perfect work,
      that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.
      James 1:4