Living by faith

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‘The just shall live by faith’,
Therefore it is not just about what we confess,
… but about how we live.
Whatever we do, must be done in faith.

    Yet, so often our faith or faith walk,
    does not seem to get us the results we expect,
    … or what the Bible proclaims.

Why not?
Are we not confessing or standing in faith correctly?
Could there be something blocking our faith?

    How we live and what we allow in our lives,
    … is vitally important.

    In other words,
    … do our lives reflect His character?
    … do our ways conform to His ways?

So, what do we need to do to truly live by faith?

Jesus was once asked what the greatest command is?
His reply was not to have more faith, but more LOVE!
… which He described as follows,

    Love … honoring and valuing God!
    Love … honoring and valuing others!

    For the just to live by faith,
    we need to start living love,
    … seeing others as precious,
    … and as special, as God sees us.
    Then, we will not just be living,
    … but we will be – the Just living by faith!