The value of love.

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      Love is the foundation.
      God is love, and love is value.

In the kingdom of God, love is about valuing others,
… about value we see in others and the value of others.
We have been created in His image,
… so love and therefore value, is in us,
a value that we will find by studying God’s word,
… and by getting to know God Himself. (Gen 1.26-28)

      The value that is in you, is there to share!
      That is why God made man to share,
      … what He put in man and what man is because of Him.

      His image is in us, and it is up to us to live that image. (John 10:10)

Stop looking for value in ‘self’,
… for all that you will find is ‘self’. (Gen 3.4-5)
Start looking for value in others,
… and you’ll find God, you’ll find real value, you’ll find love.

God blessed man, putting value into man.
Then God told man how to live that value,
… instructing man to be and live like Him.

      Be fruitful,
      … live for others,
      … see value in others, lift others up,
      and use the value (blessing) that is in you, for others.

      … increase and develop what is in you,
      … increase value by living value, by loving others.

      Fill the earth,
      … with value, through the love you live.

      Subdue and have dominion,
      … stand against everything that denies value,
      … and everything that comes against love.