Take up the challenge

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Too often we perceive things that happen in our lives,
… that look like everything has gone wrong,
… that we don’t know what to do about,
as something that God has put before us to test us,
… as a problem that needs to be solved!

    The result is that it becomes a pressure in our lives,
    … and we therefore struggle to cope or deal with it,
    mainly because we have misread its source,
    … and are expecting God to take care of it for us!

God however does not cause problems in our lives,
… neither does God use problems to teach us something!
God is an overcomer and not the creator of problems,
… and He challenges us to be the same!

    Problems sow doubt …
    Challenges demand action!

    Yes, God does have an answer for every question,
    … and a solution for every challenge in life;
    in fact, He has already overcome (it),
    … all we need do is to ask Him how!

So, stop looking at everything that confronts you, as a problem,
… but see the challenge it is putting before you.
If you see those things that happen in life, as a challenge,
God can make you an overcomer,
… by showing you the solution!

    1Cor 10:13 … will also make the way of escape,
    John 16:13 … and He will tell you things to come.