Did you hear?

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    A Native American and his friend from New York were walking in
    downtown Manhattan, when in the middle of all the city noise,
    the Native American stopped and said to his friend,
      “Listen, I can hear a cricket.”
      “Impossible, and even if there was a cricket around here, no one
        could hear a cricket in this noise!” the New Yorker replied.

    The Native American insisted that he had heard a cricket and led
    his friend to a large cement planter where a tree was growing,
    he dug into the mulch and found the cricket.
    His friend was quite astonished, “How in the world can you hear
       a cricket in the middle of busy downtown Manhattan?”
    The Native American said,
      “Well, it simply depends on what you’re listening for.
        Here, let me show you.”
    He reached in his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins and
    dropped them on the sidewalk.
    Most every one on the sidewalk turned and looked in their direction.

This story highlights a very important reality…
Although we all hear the same sounds,
… we don’t necessarily register them.

    Crickets and things pertaining to nature are real to country people,
    … and therefore they recognize and expect to hear country sounds.
    Money and things pertaining to a city are what is real to city people,
    … and therefore they recognize and expect to hear city sounds.

We ‘hear’ what we are accustomed to,
… sounds we recognize because we know and expect them.

    God and spiritual things should be real to God’s people,
    … so that we will recognize and hear spiritual sounds!
    However, whilst our eyes are on our physical needs,
    … we will neither expect nor recognize God’s voice in our lives!

Don’t let the busyness of life,
block out God’s voice in your life!

    If God is more real in your life than your needs,
    … the answer you need will also become real in your life!
       (Matt 6:33)