Speak your faith …

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Don’t let your speaking be,
… in response to the problem,
but let your speaking always be,
… in response to and based on your faith!

    Fact is that what you believe is what you speak.
    So what you believe and what you put your trust in,
    … is more important than the problem you are facing.
    It is not about what you need to have done or changed,
    … but about what you believe is possible to happen.

As Jesus said,
… if you want things to change or be different,
… you need to speak out what you believe.
And what you say is of utmost importance,
… particularly as your declaration is made in His name!

    Therefore, if you are going to speak in Jesus’ name,
    … and expect to have the result Jesus said you would have,
    then be sure to only say what Jesus would say.

When Jesus encountered opposition (the devil),
… what was His response?
Did Jesus chase the devil around or send him to hell?
No, His response simply was ‘Get behind me satan!’
… putting the devil in his place.

    Jesus walked in trust and faith,
    … believing the Father to guide His every step,
    … doing what He saw the Father do. (John 5:19-20)
    And as Jesus said.
    ‘The works I do you will do also,
    … and greater works because I go to My Father! (John 14:12)
    So also you should do what you see the Father do, (John 5:30)
    … and speak what you hear Jesus say (to you)! (John 15:7)

Speak in response to your faith in God’s personal word – to you,
… and your problem will be taken care of by God – for you.