Knowing the real you.

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    God knows your problems,
    … but does He know you?

Jesus personally came and gave Himself for us,
… we therefore can say ‘Jesus is my personal saviour’
However, have you given yourself ‘personally’ to Him?

    When once the Master of the house has risen up and shut the door,
    and you begin to stand outside and knock at the door, saying,
    ‘Lord, Lord, open for us,‘ and He will answer and say to you,
    ‘I do not know you, where you are from,’
    then you will begin to say, ‘We ate and drank in Your presence,
    and You taught in our streets.’
    But He will say,
‘I tell you I do not know you, where you are from.
    Depart from Me, all you workers of iniquity.’
    Luke 13:25-27

Why did Jesus say that the Father will say ‘I do not know you’,
… when those people were known to Him and probably even went to church?

Jesus was teaching on relationship (and that is not a boat full of family),
… and He was saying that a relationship is not possible if it is one-sided.

    God through Jesus and the Holy Spirit opened Himself up to us, in love,
    … in every facet of His being, without any reservation in any way,
    … to the point of dying naked on the cross, for us!
    What about you?
    Have you opened your ‘SELF’ up to God,
    … to His expectations, to His conditions?
    and most of all your secrets, unconditionally trusting Him and His Word?

God comes to express to us who He is, Love.
… He has opened Himself and all that He is, to us and for us!

Are we opening ourselves, who and what we truly are, to love
… or are we simply looking for love to meet our needs?
Our needs are met not because we are looking for love,
… but because we opened ourselves to Love!

    That is why Jesus said, “I don’t know you”,
    Love lives to give, but only when He becomes REAL in us,
    … and as we open our lives to Him,
    Love will come into our lives and we become known to Him!