Expressing Love

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Why did God say …
      “It is not good that man should be alone;”
      Gen 2:18

Now there may be many reasons,
… but only one embraces them all,
Man needs someone to Hug!

Man was created in God’s image, which means that,
… man has love in himself, because God is love.

      He who does not love does not know God,
      for God is love.
      1 John 4:8

Man needs someone to Hug!

So I said to God … “isn’t that clever!”
God’s response was to ask me a question…
      “Why do you think that I am One,
      … Father, Son and Holy Spirit?”

“Because there are three of you?” I ventured.
“Yes, but why are there three of us?”
“Ok”, I replied, “I don’t know. Why?”

      “As you have rightly said”, God replied, “I am Love,
      … and for love to be real, it must be expressed,
      therefore I want to express love to someone who’ll receive it,
      … and at the same time express love to Me.
      That is what I, Jesus and the Holy Spirit do all the time!”

God has always intended for us to be like Him,
not in looks or in power, or in any other way, but in love,
… being in His image which is expressed in love,
because love is Who He is and who we are also to be!

      God’s original intention was that man not be alone.
      However the reality of man not being alone,
      … is found in the love, the God kind of love, that we express.