Righteous by Faith

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      For the promise that he would be the heir of the world
      was not to Abraham or to his seed through the law,
      but through the righteousness of faith.
      Rom 4.13

We try to earn righteousness by our obedience, by our right doing,
… that’s obedience to the law, trying to live according to the law,
that’s not right living.
Obedience that comes from faith, trusting and living what God says,
… that is right believing,
that produces right living

      Obedience is not the root, obedience is a fruit.
      Under the law,
      … you are blessed because of your obedience.
      Under the new covenant,
      … God blesses you because of Jesus’ obedience!

The blessing under grace produces repentance,
… and thus produces change in your life.

And it is the blessing that empowers you to obey.

You cannot and will not change
… until there’s something in you that can produce that change.

      Repentance is the turning point.
      The blood of Jesus is the qualification.
      Grace is the power.
      Righteousness is the motor.
      Right believing is the roadmap.
      Christ is the goal!

It is through the blood of Jesus that we are qualified,
… to walk in the fullness of salvation, health, healing, abundance.

      You cannot earn it, you can only receive it!