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Impacting Lives in Mount Elgon, Kenya

After having completed the Covenant Disciples Bible Course, Pastor Timothy went to Khalwenge in the Endebess district of Mount Elgon in Kenya,
with the specific intention of starting a Covenant Disciples Bible Training class for pastors there.


Testimonies from Khalwenge

In the beginning it was very difficult for pastor Timothy as the pastors were all from different denominations and church groups, and were all rather
suspicious. But after finding that the Covenant Courses are purely about God’s Word and not doctrine, they slowly started to join the Training Courses …

This past Sunday, of the 42 candidates that graduated, 32 were pastors.
Now you may well ask, why on a Sunday?
Simply because one of the pastors who graduated is a Seventh Day Adventist who believes one should not work on the Sabbath, so all the other
pastors agreed to a graduation ceremony on Sunday!


Khalwenge Pastors’ Testimonies
Before the Covenant Bible School started, pastors never used to walk or work together, as they felt they had nothing in common and thought that
they were in competition with each other, refusing to visit each other. But once the Bible class began, and they started to join, they slowly
forgot their differences, and even began to visit each other because their lives were being changed.
The Bible courses brought unity
They were learning together what love really is and began to practically apply it. Every lesson ended with a practical part which gave them
an opportunity to put into practice what they learnt. Little by little, relationships began forming amongst them to where they have began
supporting each other, preaching in each other’s church and have also started a pastors’ fellowship through which they also look after
each other’s welfare and needs.

They truly believe that the Covenant Courses or Bible school was God sent and that today the right biblical doctrine is being taught in
heir churches. The pastors are confident of what they teach and the people in the village are now growing as a result of being taught right.
They also believe that they are now able to identify a false teaching because of the foundation they have through the Covenant courses.
Khalwenge Pastors


Finally, a special congratulations to Ruth Nanjala Wekesa our first blind student to successfully complete the course!